"Only you can decide what to do, but before letting fate decide, please consider all your alternatives as the storm approaches. x x x "You know what I advise . . ."

by Emily Dickinson

Peril as a possession
'Tis good to bear,
Danger disintegrates satiety ;
There's a Basis there
Begets an awe ,
That searches Human Nature's creases
As clean as Fire.

( "Hey, if it's okay with Emily Di, then don't you-all take my advice to flee all approaching hurricanes . . . But please read on . . . ")

Another poem
. . by Anonymous

This is the grave of Mike O'Day
Who died maintaining his right of way.
His right was clear, his will was strong,
But he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong.

(After this last bit of wisdom, nothing left to do but to sign off on this virtual connection, before all communication goes down.)
I end, writing --

"Take care, and then just take it."
-- signed, "Your Forever-Friend . . . friggin scared, "