Last Wednesday morning, she interviewed Larry Everest, author of Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq and the U.S.Global Agenda:

“What’s ignored and not discussed is the fact, the United States government, as I documented in my book, was complicit in all of Saddam Hussein’s major crimes, beginning in 1963 with a coup. The CIA gave names to the Ba’ath [Party]. Five thousand communists and leftists were massacred. 1975, when Saddam, the Shah [of Iran] and the United States made a deal. Saddam turned on the Kurds and drove 150,000 Kurds into exile, killed thousands. When Saddam invaded Iran with the encouragement of the United States and then used poisoned gas on the Kurds and the Iranians with direct military intelligence support from the United States.

These are the major crimes.

Yet these aren’t even part of the trial.

What’s being tried is a 1982 massacre, which is, no doubt, a crime. It’s a massacre of 150 people in a small town north of Baghdad, in retaliation for an attempted assassination of Saddam Hussein.

But I think that it’s very revealing that the major crimes aren’t even being discussed because it immediately raises the issue of United States complicity…”

Are the Neo-Con propagandists walking a fine line here, telling us that Saddam Hussein is “bad enough” to attack us with non-existent weapons of mass destruction, and yet, in efffect, telling us that he is not really “too bad”, in order obscure there own complicity, mischief and involvement?

Is the Dubya Administration pressuring the newly changed Iraqi regime to eschew discussion of the most serious accusations against Saddam Hussein in order to cover their own Neo-Conservative asses?

Print this out and send it to your Senators and Congressional Representatives.

Ask them.