This is an emergency request for bail money for people arrested at the
anti-Nazi demonstration in Toledo, OH. Please Western Union money to
Chris Fox in Kent, OH. Call him at 330-389-0891 once the money is

On October 15th, 2005 the National Socialist Movement (NSM) attempted
to hold a picket and march in a predominantly African-American
neighborhood in the North End of Toledo, Ohio. The neo-Nazi rally was
protested by hundreds of neighborhood residents who were joined by
members of the Anti-Racist Action Network from across the United
States and Canada.

Approximately 114 local people were arrested in a police riot that
followed the cancellation of the neo-Nazi march. They are being
falsely charged with various misdemeanors and felonies. Now, almost a
full week later, at least a dozen people are still being held in
Toledo jails. Judges have refused to reduce bail or offer bond, so
these 12 adults continue to be held on $10,000 cash in lieu of bond
following an arraignment last Monday.

This is an unbelievable amount of money, and is just another way for
the Toledo government to continue to oppress members of this working
class North Toledo neighborhood. They know that most people cannot
afford to pay this huge sum of money, and that everyone arrested is a
local resident with roots in the community and thus not a flight risk.
This is nothing more than the State seeking revenge for Saturday's
supposed riot.

We must stand in solidarity with our anti-fascist comrades and show
the State that they cannot intimidate us into not acting against
fascist threats. Bail money is urgently needed, and we are asking
anyone who can to please send money. Any amount will help, and will go
directly to bailing people out.

Right now, the need for money is immediate, which is why we are asking
people to Western Union the money. Please address all money transfers
to Chris Fox in Kent, OH. Once the money is wired, please call Chris
and provide him with your name, the amount you sent and the city you
sent it from so he can go and pick it up. His number is 330-389-0891.

If you are unable to wire money this way, you can also send money to:

Kent ARA
Box 8 Office of Campus Life
226 Kent Student Center
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio 44242

Thank you in advance for your help.

In solidarity,
Members of the Anti-Racist Action Network
( http://www.antiracistaction.us)