page one of the letter, August 10, 1954

page one of the letter, August 10, 1954

I have begun to transcribe the first and most striking piece of evidence that I uncovered in the archives at the University

of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The original photographs have been scanned in and are online:


August 10,1954

Robert E. Garst, Esq.
The New York Times
New York 36, N.Y.

Dear Bob,

Here is a problem worthy of some thought. I bring it up because we are increasingly concious of it in Washington and we

would appreciate any observations or guidance you have about it.

(1.) For along time we have been concious of the difficulty of reporting the information which has to do with the

activities of our own secret service agents (CIA) here and abroad. Since we are clearly in a form of warfare with the

communist world it has not been difficult to ignore information which, if published, would have been valuable to the enemy.

Thus we left out a great deal of what we knew about U.S. Intervention in Guatemala and in a variety of other cases

involving the capture of some of our agents and the shooting down of some of our planes over communist territory. In all of

these cases, however, officials were willing to take responsibility for what was published and we published what they said

as official statements. So far, as in the case of Guatemala, we have been merely leaving things out of the paper.

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