Cover of Left Turn magazine #18

Cover of Left Turn magazine #18

"The Revolution Will Not Be Funded"

Wednesday, October 26th 7-9:00pm
Community Service Society (105 E 22nd street -- corner of Park Avenue)
$5-10 (no one turned away)

“I’m very much afraid of this ‘Foundation Complex.’ We’re getting praise
from places that worry me.” —Ella Baker, June 1963

What has been the cost of the proliferation of this Non-Profit Industrial
Complex? Why have we seen this shift from volunteer based activism to
staff driven advocacy work? How has the field of social change become so
professionalized that one often needs multiple college degrees just to
qualify for a job? What can movements in the US learn from the
relationships between large NGOs and grass roots activists in places like
Chiapas and Palestine?

Join us for an important discussion on the rise of 'The Non-Profit
Industrial Complex' and its implications for autonomous social movements
here in the United States and around the world.

Come celebrate the release of the new issue of Left Turn Magazine and help
support two radical grass roots projects here in New York City!!!

Speakers include:
* Paula Rojas, from INCITE! & Sista ii Sista
* Eric Tang, a long time community organizer & teacher in NYC
* Priscilla Torres, Sista ii Sista Collective Member
* Ije Ude, Sista ii Sista Collective member

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All funds raised from the event will go directly to Sista ii Sista & Left
Turn magazine, for more info on these organizations please check out: