Bloomberg Watchdog Sites have been permeating the internet as of late.

Sites such as Apply's serious analysis of Bloomberg's financial reports and accounting practices and policies.

articles such as:

Let the Good Times Roll: New York City's Fiscal Year 2006 Adopted Budget

"At just under $50.2 billion, the budget is the largest ever adopted by the city, and resembles a smorgasbord table laden with goodies, including significant new tax breaks and expansive program funding restorations, enhancements and even some new program initiatives. But the budget fails to plan ahead for huge upcoming deficits and other risks, meaning the sumptuous spread will soon be nothing but crumbs. "

or a word on Bloomberg's Pinata Politics

'Fiscal Prudence' or Pinata Politics? New York City's Fiscal Year 2006 Executive Budget

"The budget is replete with contradictions: on the one hand, a huge surplus, on the other, even larger looming deficits; service cuts vs. service restorations and even some new services and enhancements; tax breaks and relief for some, lost revenue for the city; slow to no growth in spending for non-mandated services, but ever-growing increases in non-discretionary costs. As the late great Marvin Gaye hauntingly asked, "What's goin' on?" In a word: elections. This is piñata politics at its worst."

Other diverse opinions include more details goings on with Bloomberg's Realestate venture's of promoting his Luxury housing and Bloomberg's posse of developers receiveing bennies from their friendship with the mayor.

and their are other's still coming out of the woodwork, and

and the more radical

the list keeps growing and possibly someone might even do an expose on Bloomberg and his financial dealings with his Bermuda/Caymen Island residences... wouldn't that be exciting...