For a passionate and at the same time scholarly long view of what’s been happening to education, and to teachers, under the Bush regime, read the brief post on Jim Horn’s Schools Matter blog.

He ties the corporate players in education, like Gates, to their broader social roles in damaging the workplaces students are being prepared for. And he is dead on in criticizing the testing culture:

“If schools are able to achieve the impossible and attain the 100 percent math and reading proficiency by 2014 that the legislation requires, then the reformers will have threatened, bullied, and shamed their way to educational success by having rendered our schools into scripted testing factories. If the more probable scenario develops (psychometricians say certain), however, and a large majority of American schools are clear failures or on the ‘Federal watch-list’ before or by 2014, then the road to school privatization will be clear sailing.”

Teachers write back in comments confessing they thought they were alone in their worst fears for schools until they read what he has to say. Absolutely worth the read.