Vote Green on November 8th!

Vote Green on November 8th!

Are you anti-war? Anti-corporate? Earn $125 on Election Day working for a candidate that supports your values!

We need you Brooklyn on November 8. This will be the biggest and most energetic effort made by an independent electoral campaign in Brooklyn for a very long time!

Gloria Mattera, the Green Party candidate for Brooklyn Borough President, is running against big money incumbent Marty Markowitz, the friend to billionaire developers like Bruce Ratner.

On Election Day, you’ll work from 6:00 a.m- 9:30 a.m at a polling station, and then again from 4:30 p.m- 9:30 p.m. Then we’ll feed you at our election night party somewhere in Brooklyn.

We also need help putting up posters and doing door-to-door literature drops and flyering at subway stations.

Sign up NOW by calling Erin at 646-239-7307 or email

So, what’s Gloria’s campaign all about?

Gloria is taking on billionaire developers like Bruce Ratner. His corporation wants to build seventeen skyscrapers and a professional basketball arena in the vibrant and diverse communities of Fort Green and Prospect Heights. The heavily subsidized plan involves forced evictions and a huge increase in traffic and pollution. Many are incensed by the way Markowitz has bypassed the normal review procedures, and by the fact that at least one community group expects to receive millions of dollars from Ratner in return for its support.

Gloria is also keeping the spotlight on the disastrous war in Iraq. Recently arrested outside an army recruitment center in Brooklyn, Gloria is building parental opposition to military recruiters in our high schools. She’s mobilized parents to protest the pro-military video being played at Chuck E. Cheese’s 500 U.S. outlets. And, it was Gloria who arranged for Cindy Sheehan to speak in Brooklyn where she was greeted by 500 cheering supporters.

Gloria’s vision for Brooklyn involves:

-Advancing community control over land use
-Promoting a far-reaching plan for energy conservation
-Opening Borough Hall to community groups, unions, and immigrant organizations for purposes of organizing
-Stopping Wal-Mart and other big box retailers from moving into the borough

For more information, please visit the campaign website at