Common Good tries to target and reform overly rule-bound areas of law. Last year, the organization’s education section did a widely-circulated graphic showing what’s involved in hiring a teacher. Now it is asking for examples of ridiculous schools rules for a new Top Ten list. Nothing wrong with this, except that in the last round there was too much attacking teacher contracts and not enough ridicule of school bureaucracies. So send in an example from Kleinberg, or your RIS, LIS, ROC etc. There have been some great ones in this blog’s contract comments. Consider sending them to Common Good. And please copy Edwize in comments section to this post.
They write (and use the email address at the end):
No sunscreen on campus? No field trips? Can’t put your arm around a crying child? As a follow-up to the popular feature, “Top Ten New School Rules,” Common Good would like to hear from you. They are compiling a second list of nonsensical or burdensome rules — this time from educators and parents around the country. Tell them about the rules and policies in your school that are making it more difficult for educators to teach and students to learn. They will publish the best responses in an upcoming Common Good feature. Please e-mail your entries to