possible real-world applications of Chalabi's studies
could include
(A) a sophisticated understanding physics of oil and gas pipeline systems,
(B) an conceptual alternative to particle physics which will be tested in the Large Hadron
Collider project
(C) understanding the topology of genetic expression and transformation

Modern "knot theory" naturally finds applications in the study of DNA replication and combination: particularly in the study of Topoisomerases: enzymes that change the topology of DNA.
All topoisomerases involve catalysis by tyrosine: and amino acid percursor of catecholamine neurotransmitters. Their study could establish an important link betwwen our understanding of how neural impulses between cells become memories by affecting physical changes in neurons that are also an expression of the internal genetic code:
in short, the link between genetic memory and the memory that results from experience.

The catecholamine neurotransmitters have recently been shown to rely upon the use of calcium ion channels: and these in turn are modulated external electromagnetic fields, even as they generate their own electronic signature that is read in the form of brainwaves.

And taking this a few steps further, we have a DARPA project at Harvard Medical School where a genetically engineered 3000 nucleotide organism is being used as a form of computer memory.

Specific topoisomerases as use to twist the DNA strands with encoded information, and the information is stored just as the genetic information of life itself.

The story Chalabi's conviction in Jordan for a $30 million bank heist pales by comparison to the story that will unravel with the evolution of this technology.

Somehow he continues to evade the pending arrest warrants even though he is no longer the darling of the Pentagon and CIA.

All of the factual data in this article can be verified by using a combination of google and wikipedia: it's all online already. The purpose of this presentation is to provide background for future DOGSPOT stories.

David Roknich,