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Pressure Mounts on Coca-Cola in Murder of Workers at its Bottling Plant in Colombia


New Lawsuit to be Filed in US Against Coca-Cola’s Operation in Turkey
for Human Rights Abuses

Human rights abuses at its bottling plants in Colombia and Turkey have
made Coca Cola the target of a sustained campaign led by a coalition of
students on US college campuses, Colombian workers, and a leading
American human rights lawyer.

On Wednesday, October 26, at the soft drink maker’s corporate offices in
midtown Manhattan, the coalition will announce a new human rights
lawsuit to be filed against Coca Cola in US District Court; the
launching of a series of public demonstrations in over a dozen cities
across the US, and a national speaking tour by Colombian workers.

WHO: Colombian Worker representing families of those killed by a
paramilitary death squad hired by a Coca-Cola bottler;

United Students Against Sweatshops, federation of University
labor rights groups on over 100 US campuses;

Terry Collingsworth, International Labor Rights Fund, lawyer
for families of murdered Colombian workers, and tortured Turkish workers.

WHAT: Press Conference in front of Coca-Cola headquarters in NYC
Vigil & Procession down 5th Avenue to Colombian Consulate


WHERE: 711 FIFTH AVENUE (at 55th Street) to 10 E. 46th Street
Lea sobre la accion en Nueva York este miercoles y luego la gira
norteamericana - Read about NYC Action first this Wednesday and then the
North American Tour also below:
Victory over Coke - Press Conf, Rally, & March!*

Join the international movement for justice and human rights against the
Coca-Cola Company for murder, torture, pollution, and union-busting
throughout the world!

At the Entrance of the Coca-Cola Corporate Office
711 5th Ave at 55th St
*10:30am* - Press Conference & Rally
*11:00am* - Candlelight Vigil Procession down 5th Ave from Coca-Cola
Office to Colombian Consulate at 10 E. 46th St.

We are preparing for what we believe will be a turning point in the
campaign to hold Coke accountable for violence in Colombia as well as
now in Turkey, India, and Indonesia. Coke has been doing everything it
can to not only discredit the union Sinaltrainal in Colombia but also
deflate the global student movement. Coke's arrogance and blatant
negligence has only expanded the campaign and fueled student militancy
on campus - victory is near and we need your support!

V-Day is October 26, 2005! October 26 will see the consolidation of
student movements in the US, Canada, & UK in the first-ever
International Week of Action Against Coke & For Human Rights! October 26
will see the launch of a North American Speaking Tour with Sinaltrainal
Vicepresident William Mendoza and United Students Against Sweatshops to
hit schools and communities from Miami to Seattle, Toronto to Los
Angeles, Chicago to Atlanta! October 26 will see the public filing of a
historic lawsuit by the International Labor Rights Fund against the
Coca-Cola Company for torture and union busting in Turkey! At the
Corporate Office of the Coca-Cola Company in New York City, October 26
will see people of conscience and action, including workers from
Colombia, Turkey, & the United States, gather to say "Stop Killer Coke"
and proclaim V-Day - "Victory over Coke Day!"

Since 1986, roughly 4,000 Colombian trade unionists have been murdered.
The vast majority of these murders have been carried out by right-wing
paramilitary groups, known as death squads, on an ideological mission to
destroy the labor movement. These groups often work in collaboration
with the official U.S.- supported Colombian military, and in some
instances with managers at plants producing for multinational
corporations. In the case of Coca-Cola, according to numerous credible
reports, the company and its business partners have turned a blind eye
to, financially supported, and actively colluded with paramilitary
groups in efforts to destroy workers' attempts to organize unions and
bargain collectively.

* Since 1989, eight union leaders from Coca-Cola plants have been
murdered by paramilitary forces. Dozens of other workers have been
intimidated, kidnapped, or tortured.
* In Carepa, members of the paramilitary murdered union leader
Isidro Gil in broad daylight inside his factory's gates. They
returned the next day and forced all of the plant's workers to
resign from their union by signing documents on Coca-Cola letterhead.
* The most recent murder attempt occurred on August 22, 2003, when
two men riding motorcycles fired shots at Juan Carlos Galvis, a
worker leader at Coca-Cola's Barrancabermeja plant.
* There is substantial evidence that managers of several bottling
plants have ordered assaults to occur and made regular payments to
leaders of the paramilitary groups carrying out the attacks.

These ongoing abuses have taken their toll on Coca-Cola workers' efforts
to organize. The Colombian Food & Beverage Workers Union, Sinaltrainal,
has suffered a dramatic loss in membership, as worker leaders are
intimidated or forced into hiding. Sinaltrainal has appealed for
solidarity and allies in the U.S. labor and social justice movements
have answered their call.

*Speaker List*: William Mendoza, Terry Collingsworth, Camilo Romero,
Vanessa Cudabac, Ruben Torres, Ray Rogers...

*Demands*: Coca-Cola Take Responsibility & Immediate Action for Truth,
Justice, & Reparations!

*Future actions *(Don't Tell Coke) in *Washington DC* on November 2,
2005 and in *Atlanta* on November 17, 2005!

*Contact information*: Camilo A. Romero || 510.7174227 ||
 organize@usasnet.org || www.studentsagainstsweatshops.org

End Media Advisory & Press Release.


Call to Action Below:

*Week of Actions*: Students on campuses throughout the United Kingdom,
Canada, and the United States will be organizing coordinated actions in
coalition with local community groups! If you in your area can hold an
action, big or small, go for it! And of course let us know so we can
provide materials, media strategy, a connection to our larger network,
and other resources.

*Speaking Tour*: Here's the full, tight schedule - the focus is on
universities as well as community & labor groups. Please approach your
contacts in these areas to set up events. There is no charge for a
visit; we only ask for a venue in which to share our story and perhaps a
place for crash housing.

Oct 24-26 New York City & Launch Activities
Oct 27-29 Florida
Oct 30-Nov 2 Washington DC
Nov 3-4 Philadelphia & New York again
Nov 5-7 Boston
Nov 8-11 Seattle
Nov 12-14 Northern California
Nov 15-16 Southern California
Nov 17-20 Atlanta (Coke's Global Headquarters) & School of the Americas,
Nov 21-23 Toronto, Canada

At the same time, Luis Adolfo Cardona, Sinaltrainal worker with
political asylum in Chicago, will visit other key sites in the center of
the country - specifically UMinnesota, UIowa, Grinnell College,
UChicago, UIllinois-Urbana, UIndiana, UMichigan, Washington U in St
Louis, and UTexas in Austin.

*Background on William Mendoza*: As Vicepresident of Sinaltrainal in
Barrancabermeja, Colombia, William has survived several threats and
attempts on his life and that of his family for giving voice to the
violations of the Coca-Cola Company and fighting for labor and human
rights. He visited the US for the first time 2 years ago to launch the
global campaign against Coca-Cola that has now reached hundreds of
universities and captured headlines worldwide. William is very grateful
for the possibility to share his message of peace, and trusts that
global solidarity will help bring justice to those who struggle in
Colombia and beyond.

Make sure to visit our website as well to stay pumped up & informed of
updates & news:

Here's a stream-lined *To Do List* so you and yours can help out in any
way possible

- *Attend and invite* others, if you're in the NYC area, for the V-Day
festivities - Press Conference & MAr!
- *Organize *a solidarity action - for example, vigil, rally, letter of
concern - on or off campus for our Week of Action!
- *Arrange *an event in your area for our Speaking Tour!
- *Inform & share *your local & national media contacts!
- *Reply *to this message wishing us well & call me to reserve your spot
for the victory celebration!
- *Forward *this message to your people & call me to say you're up for
the fight!

/Join us in taking an important and historic step for *local peace and
global justice*! Spread the word about the Stop Killer Coke campaign,
V-Day, the Actions, the Tour, and our coming Victory over Coke! /

That's all for now, please distribute this to others who can support.
"Muchisimas gracias" on behalf of all of us working towards truth,
justice, and reparations. I look forward to hearing from you and
confirming a joint plan of action for these critical upcoming weeks...

Saludos & Hasta la victoria!


Camilo A. Romero || National Organizer, New York
United Students Against Sweatshops || www.studentsagainstsweatshops.org
Oficina 202.667.9328 || Celular 510.717.4227 ||  camilo@usasnet.org

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