Ok this is going to be quite a weekend for bikes. Halloween weekend. Here are the upcoming events for the NYC area.

Friday October 28th. NYC Halloween Critical Mass. 4 meet-up spots. Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, Madison Park and Tompkin Square Park. Meet 7:00pm. Wear a costume. What could be more scary than running around the city on bikes being chased by the NYPD?!?! The cops will try and spoil the fun but critical mass is not illegal, riding your bike in a group without a permit is not illegal. Running a red light should be a traffic violation and should be dealt with by a ticket at the scene of the violation. So dress up and ride your bike.

Friday October 28th. Times Up Halloween Fundraiser and Dance Party 8pm 49 East Houston St. between Mott and Mulberry in NYC. $5.00

Here is the deal:

Put on your scariest costume and join us for the Annual Halloween
Fundraising After-Party (sliding scale $5 to 5 million) following the Halloween Critical Mass!

Rude Mechanical Orchestra - DJ Suggested D - Prizes for Best Costume
- Free Valet Bike Parking - Scary Surprises - Silent Auction

Come celebrate Halloween with TIME'S UP! Environmental Group
commemorating 19 years of serving you and the community. This has
been a stellar year for TIME'S UP! In addition to our popular
outdoor events and campaigns, this year we also began to expand by
offering you indoor events, like bike repair workshops three (3)
times a week.

Because of TIME'S UP!'s temporary storefront location, we've been
able to grow to over 100 volunteers and we're offering more indoor
educational workshops: everything from silk screening and sewing, to
welding and bicycle repair. All workshops are open to the public.
And thanks to our many dedicated volunteers, we have been able to
offer these events and workshops for free.

As you know, TIME'S UP! is a non-profit organization that runs on
your donations. We need you to help us preserve our current
activities and to expand our programs and events. We are also
looking for a new space, which is a major project in itself. If you
have any leads on spaces or interest in helping find space and raise
money for the move, your input would be greatly valued.

If you cannot make it to our fundraising party, please visit our
website to make a tax-deductible donation at


October 2005 has been among the wettest months on record in New
York. In 2005, we have also seen more prevalent and intense
tropical storms than ever before in history. Not only has this been
the first hurricane season to see three Category 5 storms, but these
three (Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma) are among the six most
intense tropical cyclones ever to form in the Atlantic basin.

From floods to drought, the result of years of careless pollution is
now being seen and felt around the world. Global warming, extreme
weather, and intense climate change are undeniable -- and are now
part of our present and our future.

Instead of resisting this impending truth, we need to work together
for the future of our community and planet. The time is right for

Renewable and sustainable energy resources are widely available, and
it is time to access and promote these new innovative and important

Act local, think global... help fund your friendly neighborhood
activist group.

At the same time as Critical Mass and the Time's Up after party, is the begining of an amazing weekend of messenger events.
First off is a winner take all $100.00 per person alley cat race sponsered by the NYBMA "all about the benjamins"
Friday October 28th Columbus Circle 6:30pm registration, 7:30pm Racetime. "Put your money where your Mouth is"
Then go to Capone's Bar at 229 North 9th Street for Gold Sprints and beer.

Black Label is also doing events on the 28th check it out:

Bike Kill events flyer

This Brings Us to Saturday October 29th...
2 choices (both intersect)
Black Label Bike club is having a bike kill:

Take a look at this video from last year by Rachel Meryrick to get an idea of what your in for:

an all day block party of mutant bike events.
12pm Sanford & Willoughby in Brooklyn.

La Calavera

Alley cat race that doesn't cost $100.00 to enter.

Checkpoints for this race can be found at One of these checkpoints is at the Bike Kill.


October 30th Sunday, is races at Kissena Park Veledrome and if you make it that far...there is the Actual day of Halloween on Monday.