A Call to Veterans and Families of GIs against the Iraqi War To Come Together at The World Can't Wait Encampment In Front of the White House on Saturday, October 29th at 2 pm

YOUR GOVERNMENT, on the basis of outrageous lies, is waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war in Iraq, with other countries in their sites.

So begins the call to launch a movement on November 2nd that does not intend to stop until the Bush Regime is driven from office

Since October 14th, The World Can't Wait has held an encampment in front of the White House which has been joined by various individuals and groups in the DC area and very recently held a special press conference attended by Theologians who have joined the movement to drive out Bush. (see www.worldcantwait.org)

We are calling on Iraqi and Vietnam era vets, joined by family of GIs opposed to the war and others, to gather at the encampment on October 29th to make a very powerful statement to the people of the US and the World and serving notice right at the steps of the White House that a movement is being launched that will not stop till this criminal regime is driven from office.

Millions of people are deeply disturbed and outraged by the war and the overall fascist way this society is being remade before our eyes. The regime cynically and calculatingly raises "support the troops" to smash any resistance and as a rallying cry for their reactionary endeavors. In such a climate, imagine the potential impact of the veterans of this war and others who have been on the front lines and have experienced these outrages deeply and first hand bravely stepping forward and exclaiming "no more!" right at the steps of the White House. Think of the impact this could have on the hearts and minds of people from every walk of life across the country, including the many millions of high school students eyed as new cannon fodder by the military. Think of the voice this would give to the many returning veterans shell shocked and speechless at the death and destruction they witnessed including more than 100,000 Iraqi war dead. The growing movement of Iraqi veterans, Goldstar and other GI family members and the GI resistance itself has begun to have a far reaching effect, and this movement must grow. This gathering at the White House on October 29th could contribute greatly to this and would also have real impact on drawing forward the most powerful beginning possible on November 2 to the movement to drive out the Bush Regime.

We urge you to throw in with these efforts, circulate this proposal and the call from the World Can't Wait and get as directly involved as possible with this gathering at the WCW encampment on October 29th. Draw forward prominent individuals and other ties you have to support this day at the encampment in any way they can -- financially, with statements of support and with their direct attendance on October 29th.

And in conjunction with this day at the encampment, efforts are underway to have some days of mobilization in the communities of Washington DC and at the VA in the area inviting people, particularly veterans, GIs and their families to this event at the encampment and into the movement to drive out the Regime. Once the time is set, in consultation with key participating groups and individuals, ambitious plans will also be underway to draw forward press coverage including live feeds into the WCW website, Indy media, CSPAN as well as network and other cable media

Any and all ideas (including in relation to press coverage) to help make this the most powerful event possible with the most far reaching impact will be most welcome.

Come to Lafayette Park on October 29th! On to November 2.

Special treat: A song written and sung by one of the WCW crew at the encampment

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