According to some rough guidelines originating out of california, cm has no leaders, but it definitely has a guiding positive vibe for biking, the environment, and most of all freedom. if it has no leaders, how do you keep negative energy and troublemakers/undercovers from destroying that good vibe? dozens of people make small suggestions in a cooperative group spirit to overwhelm the negative/cointelpro behavior.

#2 this can be hard for selfish new yorkers to grasp, but the ride is not about you! it's more about working together and the community. sometimes you might not be having fun in your noncorporate environment, but you're not supposed to be a spectator or a user of this event. it's not what you take, but what you bring- so make it an instrument, or cookies, or streamers, or a police scanner. be creative.

thirdly, the cm has a proven track record in every city it hits- when it achieves the mass it creates more bikers. nyc's cm resonates across the east coast and even further. so the next time you go through times square, bust out a scream for everyone on a bike or who needs to be.

most importantly, change does not come easily, so don't give in, don't give up, still we ride.