My little brother Ángel, who's locked up in the Illinois correctional system, sent me this drawing and poem. It explains a very traumatic event in his life, and how his faith in God is helping him overcome his pain and straighten out his life. I will let Ángel's words speak for themselves:

"It's me sending my baby's soul up to Heaven. The people are angels, they're sad for my loss, and praying for my thoughts. It's 'cause I didn't believe God would do this to me at first, but later learned Jesus does care and it all happened for a reason--I don't want a baby if the mother of the baby and me can't be together forever!

The angels want my decision [to be] to always put God first. Everything follows. Up in Heaven we all will reunite with one another and be happy forever. The peace and struggles here on Earth all count for something.

God is based on love and forgiveness. Let's do it.

Love, your li'l bro, Angel."


To My Baby In Heaven

When your Mom told me she was pregnant, I couldn't believe it!
For me to change my ways of livin' was nothing for me to do it.
I would do my best to be the best father I could be,
To love you, hold you, and keep you close to me.

I prayed to God to bless you day and night
Until the day that I could hold you in my arms tight.
I wonder why that had to happen to you--
All of a sudden you were gone, it can't be true.

But it was, and it broke my heart, I wanted to die.
I try'd to stay strong, but always found myself with tears in my eye.
Till this day I think of you, I'll always remember you,
It's hard for me to have to live without you.

Deep inside of me, a part of me is gone,
Because you're not here doesn't mean I can't sing you a song.
I know you're in a good place,
In heaven with a smile upon your face.

Just remember Baby, Daddy's always gonna love you,
And one of these days, I'll be with you.
Above the heavenly skies my li'l angel lays,
The thought of being with you again brings me brighter days.

I swear I hear your cries sometimes,
But I know they're not sad cries, they're cries of laughter,
So with that in mind, you, my baby, I'll always be after.
I love you Baby, yesterday, today, tomorrow, always and forever.



God bless you, little brother! I love you.