We hope Hal Turner enjoyed himself for the past week, because now it’s time to put his most recent crap to bed. For those who don’t know what we mean, here’s the rundown: After the Turmoil in Toledo, this Savage Nazi Beast went on his internet radio show and called for other neo-Nazis to stage rallies throughout the country similar to what the National Socialist Movement (NSM) attempted to have on Oct. 15. The goal, he said, would be for other cities to explode the same way Toledo did. He even suggested it could be used as a bargaining chip against certain towns. On Wednesday, Oct. 19, Turner issued an ultimatum directed at local, state and federal governments. On his website’s announcement of this ultimatum, he wrote: “Hal will put forth a list of political demands which favor the straight, white, Christian majority of this country and government would do well to obey. After all, we don't want any more ‘Toledos’, do we?” Also on that radio program he got what he saw as an opportunity to pull one of these rallies. On Oct. 7, there was a fight between a black and white students in a high school in Kingston, NY. It left one of the white students severely injured, and his black assailant facing felony assault charges. The mother of the white student was distressed and very angry because there has been a lot of racial tension in the school as well as gang activity that wasn’t being addressed, and it seemed that both played itself out with this fight. Soon after her concerns hit the paper, Jim Leshkevich, a/k/a “Yankee Jim” on Stormfront and a representative of National Vanguard, gave her a call. He is from Hurley, NY, which is the next town over from Kingston. Thanks to him, she ended up on Hal Turner’s show on Oct. 19 to tell her story, and Hal promptly called for a rally outside the high school at an unannounced time to, as he says on his site, “let those savages know they will answer for their attacks on white children.” This got a little press in the papers up there, and when he announced that he was going to show up in Kingston with a throng of neo-Nazis on Oct. 27, the town responded by mobilizing local law enforcement in the area of the school. Parents and community leaders called each other and also headed out there concerned for their children’s safety. A few hours later, Turner said it was all a hoax. “Knowing that folks opposed to me would be hanging on my every word last night, hoping to learn the date and time of any planned action in Kingston, NY, I deliberately hinted in a not so subtle way, that something might happen at 11:00 this morning,” he wrote on his website. “My enemies mobilized, rounding up all their Anti-Racist-Action, One People's Project hoodlums then hauled ass up to Kingston - for nothing!”
Actually, no one from OPP went out there (and honestly, considering Hal’s lack of popularity, we think that the truth is he couldn’t get enough people to take a impromptu day off work to harass 14- and 15-year-olds), but when he said that he was still planning something for Kingston in the near future, prompting a number of local folks to call us for help, we decided to take a trip up there on Saturday. The result: We ended up talking to that mother Hal had on his show! She was not happy about the way she has been portrayed, and how she was manipulated by Leshkevich and Turner. She did not know who either of them were, nor what they were about, but they listened to her concerns, and offered their help, the only ones at that point who would, she says. This is a woman who local people say was very liberal, and in talking to her, she even said that, noting that she even worked on the Kerry campaign. In fact, it was talking about how much she disliked President Bush that she and Leshkevich talked about the most – then he got into his thing about blaming Jews about this and that, and she knew something was very wrong. By the time she realized what she got herself into, everything was nuts.
Was the attack on her son uncalled for? Yes. Are there situations in the school (racial, gang related, etc.) that doesn’t seem to be addressed effectively? Yes. Does this mother and her son deserve some resolution to what happened? Yes. Does Hal Turner and Jim Leshkevich have the answers to her concerns? Hell, no! Most importantly, they don’t even care. In the end, this was all about them and their usual stupidity, only this time they inconvenienced and hurt a great deal of people.
The mother, Rebekah Hedrick, wanted her story to be heard without any filter, and we said we will provide her a space here. We also hooked her up with local people that want to work with her and the community to start addressing the concerns. By “local people” we mean not only Kingston, but nearby New Paltz, NY, whose mayor, Jason West saw some media attention last year when he was arrested for performing same-sex marriages – prompting Turner at the time to throw out one of his infamous death threats at him. In the end it is those that are there, with interests in their community, that are going to resolve the issues they have. Now we would bet that after seeing this, Turner will say that he was the one who forced the community to take a look at what’s going on, and there will be no need for him to come up and he won’t, but the truth of the matter is he is not wanted, not by the community, and most certainly not by the family of the 14-year-old student he tried to exploit. One other thing before we go to the statement: Turner is on his website calling for other white high school students to call him if there are any problems in their respective schools with black students. In other words, he is brushing past those students’ parents in order to foster some sort of hatred and violent climate because he can’t get over himself. If he does this anywhere else, we will be there, and we will neuter him, just like we have time and time again, and just like we have this weekend.


Hi all,

After talking with Daryle I felt a weight had been lifted. I felt a little lighter as the anger that I have been carrying around with a good dose of guilt for being so angry had been lifted. I’m the mom of the 14 year old high school student that was assaulted on Oct. 7, 2005 in Kingston, New York. I would like to tell my story. It may be offensive to some but to fix a problem my friends we must first admit we have one.

On Oct. 7 10:45 AM, my phone rang. It was my son’s girlfriend using his cell phone. She said my son had been hit. She was not clear as to what happened but urged me to come to the school. I instructed her to get him to the nurse. The phone rang 15 minutes later. It was the school notifying me that my son had been injured at school and was being taken to the hospital. I was frantic. Upon arrival I found him on a backboard. They were suspicious of cerebral injury. Later, CAT scans showed fractures of the orbit, cheekbone and something called a zygomatic fracture and a tripod fracture. I think you need to hear the details as you need to know what I have been going through.

I was contacted by someone that really seemed sincere and I told my story. I wanted someone to blame for this and at this point I did not care who. My son was walking with four other children when he was verbally called to by a group of three black boys, one is said to actually be a known gang member. The first assault was on my son. The 16-year-old said "I hate ya'll white niggers with your hair like that." My son's friend seemed nervous and my son said to him, "Don't worry they hate me too," when the 16-year-old came from behind grabbed my son's hair and punched him in the face breaking many bones. My son’s other friend threw his soda down and went over to stop the attack on my son. When he did this, it splashed on another boy from the group he then attacked my son's friend. Two other boys then began to stomp out the second boy. My son was walking up the driveway and was not found for 15 minutes. The story goes on and on. Three weeks have gone by and there have been many many specialists. My son’s face has been flattened and vision is damaged. My son has post traumatic stress disorder as does the other assault victim.

I have been accused of being a racist and a KKK member as well as a nazi. I could never be these things as I'm a very loving person. I'm a Christian, a real Christian, the kind that believes that you should love everyone. I have had a few moments of weakness and anger that almost had me in the grasp of something bad. I feel this was a horrible tragedy that could have been avoided. There is a racial tension that has been going on in this high school for years. The haters in the school both black and white need to be dealt with. I feel mandatory character classes that gets dialogue going with kids from all ethnicities is one good way to begin as is the crackdown on the gangs in the school. Something has to be done to help these kids to get along.

It’s easy to find a scapegoat when you are angry. It’s the easy way out. It’s a way to channel your anger and a dangerous one at that. Haters try and get you when you are vulnerable. I went on the Hal Turner show and told my story. I felt as if he was the only one listening. I did email him and I did tell him this would not do any good. After speaking with one of his friends I realized these people are not for me. They hate everyone. I did hate the boy that did this to my son for the pain he has caused my son and our family and the possibility that my son will never see the same again. I do hate the way the school tries to pretend that are no problems there. But I can tell you this; more violence is not the answer.

I want to reach out to try and find a way to make the kids realize they are more alike than they know. They are all human and only here on this earth for a short time. I also want them to know that I had a very difficult childhood after my father left. We were very poor and lived in a very depressed area. I know that many of these kids are hurting inside and the pain will turn to anger. I want these kids to know that school is the place where you can leave the anger at the door and enter a world where you are in control and you are the masters of your own destinies. We as adults must help make the schools a place where kids can achieve their dreams without the violence all around them. I want to be proactive in healing myself and my son I think I can do this in being proactive in healing others.

Rebekah Hedrick