Last month the IMF and the World Bank had thier fall meetings in Washington and clear thinking people came out to protest them. "Jump! Jump! Jump!" was what the crowd on the street yelled at the neoliberals and security people on top of the building. The World Bank and IMF as most of us know uses Structural Adjustment Programs against countries in financial hardship. I say that if this country is asked to pay off foreign debt at the expense of its own citizens and give up social security and other beneficial programs then the government in Washington should tell them we just arent going to pay them back. They arent going to do to us what they did to Haiti, the US is too powerful economically and militarily. Fuck the transnational elites and fuck all creditors, fuck debt period. I get food stamps and other benefits since I'm kinda disabled and Im not going give them up. People around here need to talk about globalization more often.