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Ghoulish Employers Exploit Halloween Costume Workers
Jorge Pérez Ibarra, Organizer, Vanguardia Obrera Union, Mexico

Costume factory workers, some as young as 13 years, in Hidalgo, Mexico,
who frequently suffered serious puncture wounds from faulty sewing machine
needles and worked in roach infested shops, where they were subject to
forced pregnancy tests and overtime work without pay formed a union to
better the conditions of their labor. But the response to these workers who
produce Halloween & other costumes for Rubie' s, Mattel (Barbie), & Warner
Brothers' Harry Potter and Star Wars labels was to lock them out, rather than
recognize the workers demands. Meanwile, support is growing amongst
community members and labor rights advocates here who recently picketed
a Target's department store which sells these costumes.The pickets
demanded that Warner Bros., Mattel and Target put pressure on Rubie's, the
N.Y. based costume manufacturer, to stop the sweatshop conditions at
Mexican plants that make these scary costume.
Radio City Rockettes Wouldn't Kick as High Without Live Music
for the Holidays
featuring members of the Radio City Orchestra

Hundreds of supporters joined Local 802 members, elected officials, and
union leaders to rally in support of the musicians of the renowned Radio City
Orchestra outside of Radio City Music Hall. Cablevision, the multi-billion dollar
corporation that bought Radio City, wants to cut the musicians' pay for the
world-famous Christmas Spectacular. Meanwhile, they continue to raise ticket
prices and reap millions in annual profits. After unsuccessful attempts to exploit
musicians displaced by Hurricane Katrina, by deceiving them into unwittingly
scabbing the show, Cablevision now plans to rip off the public by using canned
In My Name - Civil Disobedience
Anne Wright - Retired Army Colonel & U.S. Diplomat Who Resigned
her Post Over Iraq War and Risks Arrest in Protest Over War Dead

Anne Wright is a retired U.S. Army Colonel who also served in the Diplomatic
Corp in Somalia, Sierra Leone, Uzbekistan and reopened the US Embassy
in Kabul, Afghanistan in December, 2001. She was one of the 3 U.S. Diplomats
who resigned in March, 2003 in opposition to the War in Iraq. She is now a
peacemaker and describes her decision to participate in and advocate for mass
acts of civil disobedience to stop the War on Iraq including the most recent wave
in response to the deaths of the now over 2,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq.
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