I think so. My friends and I ran into it on Sunday. We didn't pay to go all the way in, so no current pix, but here's a link to some pictures from the parade in '03.
This year, the bee dog was skinnier. There was a dog dressed as a B train (in a cardboard box), some dogs dressed up as mummies, and a dog dressed as an ipod (with a white leash, of course.
Other Halloween stories.... My friend and I went to "the rub's" halloween party on Saturday and I think we were the oldest people there. We dressed as Gods and barely talked ot anyone there. Although the music was good, the funniest part of the evening happened before we went into the club. As we stood at the velvet rope, something I rarely do, we were highly entertained by one of the most frightening NYC costumes I've ever seen. As is often the case in NY, there was a big cluster of black plastic trashbags on the sidewalk near the line. And in the midst of this pile...(no it wasn't the rat halloween costume parade), a guy was crouching with a black plastic bag wrapped around himself. He was good enough at crouching and hiding that you wouldn't know this except for the fact that whenever a likely person walked by, he would leap from the cluster of garbage bags and scream. He did this over and over again, and would sometimes whisper from the bag to those of us on line, "that couple coming up on the left." We'd all start giggling, they'd get close and AAAGGGGGH, the garbage is jumping.

I said to my friend, "this is the scariest thing any Nyer ever thinks about: garbage coming to life."

So, kudos, NYC. Yet another bizarre and beautiful Halloween.