Toledo is set to once again face off with neo-Nazis and fascist police on December 10th.

On December 10th the NSM (National Socialist Movement) - a group of violent neo-Nazis - will return to Toledo in an attempt to incite violence against minorities and to seek revenge against local activists.

The NSM is the group that drew international attention to Toledo as they attempted to march through a residential neighborhood on October 15th. Their attempted march was aborted when counter demonstrators, numbering about 700 began attacking local police in response to police trampling people with horses and firing teargas into the crowd.

In one of the biggest victories against white supremacists in recent years, the Nazis were forced to flee, thirteen police cars were destroyed, and several police officers wound up in the hospital. Damages to the police are estimated at $336,000.

The NSM has since released a list containing the names of local activists to be targeted for violence. They have also been trying to recruit for a larger turnout and preparing for a violent confrontation.

On October 15th the NSM had about fourteen people show up. This time they are promising a much larger turnout. In addition they will enjoy the support of local police.

We beat them last time and we need as much help as possible to ensure that we do it again.

The planned Nazi rally will be held December 10th in Toledo, Ohio at One Government Center downtown. The plans for the counter demonstration are not yet being made public, so if you want further info please contact us at typea (at)

Any type of help that you can provide is greatly appreciated.

For updates about the current situation here are some useful sites: