The New York Times had an interesting article today entitled "After Storm, Riding His Heart Out: From Brooklyn to Florida To Aid Hurricane Victims" about how Lee Quinones - identified as "a Brooklyn artist" - rode his bike alone from Brooklyn to Miami in 35 days to raise money for victims of Katrina and also - implicitly - as a journey of personal discovery (he was not a serious cyclist before this).

Intriguingly, the article does not mention that Quinones, also known as "Lee 163" is one of the most important artists of our era, a legendary hip-hop pioneer both as a graffiti writer (his crew, The Fabulous 5ive, was one of the only crews to paint a whole train - 10 cars top-to-bottom; he was also one of the first graf writers to move into the conventional art world) and also as star of the first hip-hop movie Wild Style.

The piece also contains this unusually graphic paragraph:

Dodging the wire, glass, old wigs, used condoms and dead cats and dogs that littered Route 1 in New Jersey, he ignored shouts and honks from bewildered drivers and, before reaching Princeton, got the first of four flat tires.

Just for my own amusement, I like to imagine those words set to music and sung by Bruce Springsteen. It just seems right.


On the uptown platform of the Grand Street B/D station, on an ad for the new Usher movie, In The Mix, someone has written the following in black magic marker :

American pop "culture" is CRAP!

An admirably straightforward critique, indeed.


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