NYU Professor Paul Boghossian, appearing on today's Democracy Now! to serve as an apologist for NYU union busting, displayed class bigotry so abhorrent that a response is required. Boghossian, who dripped contempt for working people with every word he spoke, illustrates well the unity between the U.S. intellectual elite and corporate interests.

Explaining his anti-union position, Boghossian argued that recognizing the graduate students employees as workers would amount to defining their work as, "mere labor." All of his academic degrees have apparently failed to teach the good Professor that Labor built this society with our sweat and our blood.

Boghossian goes on to say that bargaining with the grad workers would be, "reverting to this distorted conception of the students as laborers." What does Boghossian call people who teach classes and grade papers and tests? Apprentices.

Boghossian really parted with reality when he argued that the landmark gains in wages and working conditions won by the grad workers in their first contract was actually coincidental. According to the Professor, the increases came because NYU is supposedly becoming one of the world's leading research institutions. The organizing just happened to be occuring in the background apparently.

Proving that he is not stupid but is instead just acting as a shill for NYU, Boghossian conceded that adjunct faculty organizing was justified.

NYU is stepping up their union-busting effort with the threat of a blacklist and a lockout. We, the community, must step up our efforts too.

Boghossian's misdeed must not go unpunished. Contact him and let him know what you think of his bigoted view of laborers. You can reach him at:

Paul Boghossian
Philosophy, Faculty of Arts & Science
Tel: (212) 998-8333
Fax: (212) 995-4179

Until NYU bargains with GSOC:

-Undergraduates should boycott all of Boghossian's classes this semester and drop any
classes they may have scheduled with him next semester.

-Professors at other universities should disallow him from attending any academic
conferences and scholarly journals should boycott his work.

-Boghosian should be confronted and disrupted at all public events.

---Brought to you by Anarchist Friends of NYU Grad Workers