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Argentineans Say Fire the Boss!
Activists from Workers Control Movement in Argentina
Carlos Alberto Barra – Unemployed Worker Movement
Elsa Montero-x-IMECC–Worker-Run Medical Cooperative

In 2001, Argentina’s economy collapsed. Factories began
closing, foreign banks began pulling their money out of the country leaving
the poor of the country in shambles. But the workers in Argentina didn’t
take this laying down. Instead they started to organize. Workers took
control over their factories, seized the machines and once again started to
produce, without the boss. The unemployed movements continued to
provide for the unmet needs of their communities, creating bakeries,
small cooperatives, and community gardens to provide food and jobs.
Wobblies Win Victories in Starbucks Organizing in N.Y.C

The National Labor Relations Board has charged 15 Starbucks
officials with an extensive array of anti-union acts including
the discharge of two baristas for organizing activity. The multi-count
complaint, detailing unlawful activity at three Starbucks stores, comes
after an independent investigation of the world's largest coffee chain
triggered by charges from the IWW Starbucks Workers Union.
To celebrate this victory and to further the campaign to organize all
Starbcuks workers the starbucks workers union recently picketed and
demonstrated outside the Starbucks NYC's Union Square store urging
customers to pass it by.
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