A global group of climate and media activists are establishing a
topical indymedia site on climate issues. We are concerned that news
reporting on climate issues too often is biased against local
communties solutions and the concerns of local communities to
government and industry are not being heard. We hope to provide a
place for a range of news and views on climate issues to have a voice.

Our site is supported by members of many grass roots environmental,
social, climate and alternative media organisations.
We hope that you will take advantage of our site to post your stories
so that people globally can access of the views of the majority world
on this important issue.

You can post on our site by visiting:
or emailing it to us at imc-climate-organising [at]

For information about our project and how we are organsied you can
visit our documentation site at

If you're really keen to get involved in this project you might like
to join our mailing list at:

The IMC-Climate Collective