Nearly two months after their failed attempt to march on Toledo, Ohio, the NSM (National Socialist Movement) is going to try again.

On December 10th neo-Nazis and those who oppose them will converge on Toledo from all around the country. Neo-Nazis, White Seperatists, and KKK members will be pulling out all the stops to ensure a large turnout. Anti-fascists, including anarchists, communist groups, ARA, and ISO, as well as members of the community will be ready to stop them once again.

With the international attention surrounding the last attempted march in Toledo and the subsequent uprising, this is expected to be a massive event
with potentially serious consequences.

We need as many people in the streets as we can possibly get to oppose these fascist and the racist police who serve as their protection service.

Anti-Fascist groups will be meeting at various locations at 12 noon on the 10th. Anyone interested in joing us for this uprising should email us at for details.