, a month-old, satirical website, pokes fun at Christian conservatives and the Republican Party by selling propaganda items and writing humorous, incendiary descriptions. donates half of its profits annually to organizations including Peace Action and the American Civil Liberties Union.

This apparent attack fell on the same day that legally purchased the domains,,, and, among others and began diverting errant conservative traffic to its site under the banner, "The site you were looking for has been hijacked by leftist propagandists." The website recently changed its banner to include the phrases "Part of a Transsexual Atheist plot to Cancel Christmas," and, "Part of the Homosexual Agenda to Corrupt America," all of which may have added to the reasons behind a politically motivated hack.

Daniel Cook, the owner and operator of placed a call to Chicago Police in the early hours of the morning on Sunday, December 4th to report the attack. Additionally, the Chicago offices of the FBI and the IFCC have been alerted and criminal complaints have been filed.

Due to the nature of the hack, believes that all consumer information was protected by its third-party checkout system and that all personal information is, has always been, and will continue to be safe and secure. The unauthorized alterations to the site only affect the listed prices of the items. The actual prices of the items upon checkout were not affected due to security measures put in place by and its encrypted, third-party checkout service. has notified its customers, web hosts, and third-party vendors and is taking all appropriate measures to ensure the continued security of its valued customers as they continue to choose as their source for humor and propaganda.