I want to start off by saying I am A Republican/Conservative
not a left wing person, so this is not to be taken as liberal or left propoganda. I have seen the corruption in the Southern USA and the lack of caring for transients, homeless, travelers, by fema and the american red cross

The USA is a nation of haves and have nots

If you are rich and an evacuee, FEMA and the American Red Cross has money for you. If you are a homeless evacuee, a camper, traveler or any misfortunate person without a home in the evacuated city and not rich, FEMA/AMERICAN RED CROSS SAY DROP DEAD

I had recently left Michigan and was on my way down south to relocate to Texas with hopes of raising money to do a documentary on my late friend, Author Gerald Grimmett. I had done numerous cable access shows while in Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Michigan. I had become weary of working for a Michigan Real Estate Attny whom I will call "Snotbeard". This attorney enjoyed leasing to minorities and people who could barely pay their rent so he would be able to serve them with subpoenas to appear in court and then he could add his attorney and legal fees.
Snotbeard loved the "N" word. He used it often.

So I was off to the Southland, where I ran into the Bob Wingate who evacuated Van Cleave, Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina. I helped them out by making trips to the store for them from our Campground.

I saw how people with lots of money who evacuated were treated like royalty. A Louisiana Car Dealer who evacuated was given a free $100 a night cabin, free food, $2000 from the American Red Cross.
While weary tent campers and homeless people were told basically to F off by FEMA. And the American Red Cross.

I felt bad but no one really seemed to acre about the less to do or minorities. If you had money, there was much more. If you had little or no money. You were told and I heard this. If you are a camper or traveler you are considered homeless. We at FEMA and the American Red Cross cannot help you. .

I headed down to Austin, Texas and to Houston before Hurricane Rita in my old Pontiac
held together with wires and steel ribbons with my cat "Jinx" who was thrown out into the street by "Snotbeard" .Snot beard did not really want any part of jinx after finding out Jinx was "FIV Positive" Snotbeard said Jinx had a Gay disease.

Being in Houston only a few days I was told I had to evacuate the city by the monotone Mayor of Houston, Texas and his less than compassionate colleague, Governor Perry of Texas. Whom basically was unprepared for Hurricane Rita and I an hundreds of thousands more were stranded, sick, out of food and gas and were harassed by police and ignored by FEMA and the American Red Cross while riding North on Highway 59 North evacuating Houston. In previous articles I talked about how police in small Texas towns like Corrigan basically ignored evacuees, beat the crap out of few Black ones, just because they were Black and no one could do anything about it. After all Texas Governor Perry had a script he was going by. So truth was out the window. Days after many seniors had burned to death on Highway 59 north in Dallas Area, Perryw as still claiming no catastrophes or fatalities.

I took my little bit of money and was now stuck in a small racist town for days with no water, no toilet, no food and a white police force whom would not help a Black Church that was housing Hurricane Rita Evacuees.

I got some gas days alter and without the apartment available anymore that I was going to rent.
I headed up North to Arkansas and started the nightmare that existed for us transient people who were ignored by FEMA/American Red Cross and given the label as homeless and not entitled to any help.

Roberta Adams an administrator for the AMERICAN RED CROSS told me that we were classified as homeless and we were not entitled to any help. Roberta Adams hung up on me when I mentioned that Bill O'Reilley show had been critical of the job the American Red Cross was doing.

I saw other people at campgrounds who were confused and dazed by being displaced by Texas Governor Perry who like FEMA and the AMERICAN RED CROSS got away with being responsible for moms with children and others like myself freezing in campgrounds and paying our own way. While AMERICAN RED CROSS
In Arkansas disconnected their emails, ate in expensive restaurants and joked about minorities and people "too stupid to fill out applications correctly".

So now who knows how many lives were lost because of FEMA & the AMERICAN RED CROSS, How many families suffered through the pain of going from transient traveler to being homeless and broke and hungry.

I was at an Arkansas Works location which botched the paperwork of many evacuees and also met a retarded man and some minorities whose paperwork was allegedly lost in the shuffle and was not given a cent

While in Downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas I met a female photographer from New Orleans who did not have any apartment damage in New Orleans and this young white woman was given and still gets free rent, money from FEMA and the Red Cross
Had all her stuff moved out of her undamaged apartment in New Orleans and is now planning on using the money for a photo trip to Thailand, nice huh?

The job FEMA has done has been horrendous. If one disagrees with how they are treated FEMA & the Red Cross will just hang up on them. I have witnessed this debacle
And the power hungry attitude of rude, insensitive workers at FEMA and the Red Cross and the belligerent attitude of Governors whom are lying and creating a sugar coated
Report as they prepare to test the waters in the GOP 2008 Presidential bid.

If you want to help people in New Orleans do not give to the wasteful American Red Cross who dumped tons of clothes that people gave to hurricane katrina victims. There are still people in New Orleans and Louisiana who need those clothes. The American Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross, and the Americans did not even give those clothes to starving, homeless people in developing countries like Africa, Asia and South America. It is a middle class charity that is wasteful just like most of the people in America who consume more per person than any other country in the world and waste more than any other country and cause the most damage to the environment.

If you want to help the poor of New Orleans, you can give to Common Ground Relief who are working as volunteers directly with local people in the 9th Ward and 7th Ward in New Orleans, and also with Native American communities in Louisiana. They are cleaning homes and doing repairs to make them habitable, providing soup kitchens, and legal advice against landlords who are trying to illegally evict tenants in New Orleans in their absence, even the corrupt Louisiana government is doing this with public housing. You can donate money or goods, and also volunteer with Common Ground Relief, a grassroots organization. Common Ground Relief's website is  http://www.commongroundrelief.org

The Salvation Army can work with evacuees and poor people in America and they use their donations better than the Red Cross.  http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/www_usn.nsf