Independent Media Group subMedia ( is looking for writings, films, digital art and music for the second issue of its multimedia DVZ (DVD/Zine) ¡Molotov!

The first issue of ¡Molotov! was released in March 2005 and featured articles on DIY projects, Pop Culture gone awry, and angry email rants. It also included 12 short films, 3 MP3 music EP's and DVD copying software for both Mac's and PC's to encourage folks to copy ¡Molotov! and give it away. Once the break even point for the production of ¡Molotov! was reached, subMedia released the whole package as a free Bit Torrent download on its website

Continuing in this anti-copyright trend, the second issue of ¡Molotov! focuses on intellectual property. subMedia is seeking writings, films, digital art and music that loosely fit the following words, phrases and/or acronyms... Illegal Logos, Mash-Up, Re-Mix. Linux, GNU, GMO, Bio-Tech, MPAA, podcast, Bittorrent, P2P, RIAA, Creative Commos, copyleft, CSS etc. etc.

For submission guidelines and information for ¡Molotov! please visit