The protest at the Chambers St recruiting station -- at 157 Chambers Street, down the street from Borough of Manhattan Community College -- at noon tomorrow will feature the following speakers:

* CHARLES BARRON, city council member who has introduced legislation to ban military recruiters from NYC public high schools
* VICTOR PAREDES, brother of war resister Pablo Paredes, speaking on the one-year anniversary of his brother's refusal to board his ship to Iraq
* ROBERTO ROSARIO, a member of the Campus Antiwar Network at City College whose sister served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who almost joined the Army himself before becoming a counter-recruiter instead
* ELIZABETH WRIGLEY-Field, National Coordinating Committee, Campus Antiwar Network
* NICHOLAS BERGREEN, one of the "City College 4" assaulted by police and suspended from school for peaceful counter-recruitment protest -- in a key case where students fought repression and won

AND MORE! Join us tomorrow. Protest details below.

PAREDES and CAMILO MEJIA, Progressive Democrats of America director
TIM CARPENTER, Iraq Vets Against the War & Campus Antiwar Network
member DAVID AIRHART, and -- by a unanimous vote of the city council --
BERKELEY, CA in supporting this day of counter-recruitment actions
this Tuesday, December 6! (Full endorsement list below.)

December 6, 2005
Campus Antiwar Network

** NEW YORK ACTION: Protest at the military recruiting station by the
Borough of Manhattan Community College!
Tomorrow - Tuesday, December 6 - noon
Recruiting Station -- 157 Chambers St, A,C,E,1,2,3 to Chambers St.,
walk one to three blocks west

* Say No to the Solomon Amendment!

Campus Anti-War Network is calling for actions around the country to
show the federal government that they cannot intimidate schools for
kicking out military recruiters. On December 6, the Supreme Court will
hear the FAIR v Rumsfeld case (brought by several universities), which
will decide whether schools can ban military recruiters wihout losing
federal funding. Currently, the Solomon Amendment allows the
to cut off federal funding from schools that ban military recruiters.

This policy forces schools to accept military recruitment, even though
the military’s anti-gay "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy violates
university anti-discrimination policies.

* Bring the movement for COLLEGE NOT COMBAT to your town!

On Dec 6, when the Supreme Court hears FAIR v Rumsfeld, students will
hold protests at military recruiting stations, federal buildings and
school administrative offices across the country, including in San
Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York City, and many
other places. In Washington, D.C., a demonstration will take place on
the steps of the Supreme Court.

We are proud to join the fight against anti-gay discrimination in the
military. We also believe that recruitment for the war in Iraq has no
place in schools. Our action comes amid increasing revelations of the
horror of the Iraq occupation. Recent video footage shows that the US
used chemical weapons (white phosphorus) in Fallujah, laying bare the
truth about exactly who is using “weapons of mass destruction” in
Nobody should have to take part in this to pay for school! On December
6, we refuse to let the military recruit young people to kill and die
in a war based on lies.

December 6 is also the one-year anniversary of Navy petty officer
Paredes’s refusal to board his ship in protest of the war, which
sparked a national campaign that displayed and strengthened the
refusal of soldiers to fight this war. Recently, the counter-
recruitment movement won a massive victory in San Francisco, where 60%
of voters approved a College Not Combat proposition to oppose military
recruiters in schools and support scholarships to counteract the
poverty draft — which targets the poor and people of color. Today,
the Bush administration in a growing crisis and expanding calls for
immediate withdrawal, we want to spread the “College Not Combat”
movement across the country!

Let’s mobilize on Dec 6 to counter the military’s ability to wage its
illegal war, support the right of universities to oppose military
recruiting on their campuses, and bring the troops home from Iraq!

Say No to the Solomon Amendment!


Organized by the Campus Antiwar Network - -


ORGANIZATIONS: Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice; Another Side
of Truth in Military Recruiting Project; Arise for Social Justice
Bay Area United Against War; Bloomington Peace Action Coalition; the
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors; Central Vermont Peace
and Justice; the City of Berkeley, CA, by unanimous vote of its city
council; Cities for Peace; Free Palestine Alliance; International
Action Center; International Socialist Organization; Justice in
Palestine Coalition; Mid-South Peace and Justice Center; Mt. Diablo
Peace & Justice Center; Peninsula Raging Grannies; San Juan Peace
Network; Stop the War Coalition (UK); Texans for Peace; Traprock Peace
Center; Youth Against War and Racism; Western Massachusetts IAC/
Out Now Coalition; Long Island Counter Recruiting Committee of the
Suffolk Peace Network; Suffolk Progressive Vision

INDIVIDUALS*: AHMED SHAWKI, editor, International Socialist Review and
member, steering committee, National Council of Arab-Americans;
ARNOVE, editor, Iraq Under Siege; BONNIE WEINSTEIN, Bay Area United
Against War; BRIAN WILLSON, member, coordinating Committee, Humboldt
Bay Veterans For Peace, and Commissioner, Arcata City Nuclear Free
and Peace Commission; CAMILO MEJIA, war resister; CARL WEBB, war
resister; CEYLON MOONEY, co-coordinator, Wheels of Justice Tour,
for Creative Nonviolence; CHARLES JENKS, Advisory Board Chair,
Peace Center; CHARLES PETERSON, Holyoke Community College student
assaulted for peaceful counter-recruitment; CHARLIE JACKSON, co-
founder, Texans for Peace; CINDY SHEEHAN, mother of U.S. soldier
in Iraq, who camped outside Bush’s Crawford ranch to hold him
accountable; CLARE HANRAHAN, Author of Jailed for Justice: A Woman's
Guide to Federal Prison Camp; COLeMAN McCARTHY, Professor at
Law School, UMD, and American Univerrsity and director of the Center
for Teaching Peace; DAHR JAMAIL, writer; DAVID AIRHART, Iraq war
veteran and Kent State student who beat expulsion charges for peaceful
counter-recruitment; DAVID ROVICS, progressive songwriter and
author, What’s My Name Fool? Sports and Resistance in the United
States; DENNIS KYNE, Gulf War veteran and activist; DIRK ADRIAENSENS,
coordinator of SOS Iraq and member of the Executive committee of the
Brussells Tribunal; FRANCES CROWE, founder of Northampton Draft
Information Center in 1968 (she counseled over 2000 young people on
draft) and co-founder of Traprock Peace Center and Western Mass AFSC;
FRANK DORREL, producer and publisher; HOWARD ZINN, author of People’s
History of the United States; M. JUNAID ALAM, co-editor of; KATHY KELLY, Co-coordinator, Voices for Creative
Nonviolence; LINDSAY GERMAN, convenor, Stop the War Coalition (UK);
MICHAEL LETWIN, Co-Convener, NYC Labor Against the War, and Former
president, UAW Local 2325; NATYLIE BALDWIN, Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice
Center; NORMAN SOLOMON, author and syndicated columnist; PABLO
war resister; PALOA PISI, publisher of Uruknet (Italy); PAT ELDER, co-
founder, DC Anti-War Network; PHIL GASPER, Professor of Philosophy at
Notre Dame de Namur University in California; RANDY KEHLER, Vietnam
draft noncooperator, long-time peace activist/war-tax refuser, former
national coordinator, Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, co-founder and
first Director of Traprock Peace Center; RANIA MASRI, writer and
researcher; RON JACOBS, writer, library worker, author of The Way the
Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground; SHANNYN SOLLITT,
Activist/Educator -NetWorks Productions; SHUJAA GRAHAM, exonerated
Death row prisoner, anti death penalty activist; TARIQ KHAN, George
Mason University student assaulted and arrested for peaceful counter-
recruitment; THOMAS F. BARTON, publisher of G.I. Special; TIM
CARPENTER, director of Progressive Democrats of America; TODD
author of Proposition I/College Not Combat ballot initiative in San
Francisco; WARD REILLY, South East National Contact - Vietnam Veterans
Against the War, Veterans for Peace, Baton Rouge *All affiliations are
for identification purposes only

We welcome all organizations to endorse this day of action and/or
organize with us. If you want to endorse, organize an action in your
area, or learn about the action nearest you, email and check out our website at