As Governor Pataki gets ready to make his bid for the Presidency or Vice Presidency
I wanted to point out some of the corruption that this former Mayor of Mafia Mahopac
Mayor ignored

In 1988-until 1990 I attended the City University of New York at Brooklyn College MFA program
As a student I was responsible for putting in 20 hours as a graduate assistant and a full class
Schedule as a graduate student.

I did not know I was entering a program that included corruption, nepotism, theft,
And even students paying other students to write their thesis. I kid you not. I can give a litany of corruption committed by Brooklyn College staff, faculty, etc.

Although I made complaints to the College President and my Department heads as well as the Governors office. My complaints put me in a position where I was black listed by Brooklyn College; I received anti gay material in my mailbox as I was perceived to be gay by some staff members.

In order to get a job or a good freelance assignment while in the graduate program. You have to give a little payola or gifts to the right staff members. You had a TV department that was so corrupt and controlled that the teachers ignored
a case where a graduate student named Mahnik Mahna was actually paid $500 by a NYC School teacher named Steve Linetski to write his thesis. Other graduate students just copied their thesis right out of a book. this was known and ignored by CUNY Brooklyn College faculty who were to tell me I would not be offered a teaching job or any job at CUNY because I was a "rat"

I was witness to faculty having sexual relations with their students and parents hiring their children to teaching jobs after accepting them over more qualified students for the Brooklyn College MFA TV Program. in the case of a teacher Herb Dorfman who was let go from his teaching position only to be given a job in the TV Production Department.
Mr. Dorfman with the approval of then Department head Robert Williams allowed Mr. Dorfmans daughter to be accepted into the MFA program, given a faculty parking space and a cush teaching job.

This was status quo at Brooklyn college where the jobs were also given at
CUNY TV based on who was in the inner circle at Brooklyn college. Some Grad students were actually being paid 3 salaries while working one job. they were being paid their graduate assistant salary, their teaching and their CUNY
salary all at the taxpayer’s expense

For bringing this out in the open, I and a former employee named Michael Cosenza
were blacklisted from CUNY and Brooklyn College and had our names dragged through
the mud.

It is almost 18 years later and I have not given up the fight to expose corruption even though Patakis office has threatened me with jail if I do not shut my mouth. Yes, the Republican Governor ignored my statements which I offered to make under oath and with a polygraph.

Is this the type of man we want as President? A governor who ahs allowed
Corruption and nepotism at Brooklyn College? While punishing the whistle blower