The most recent proposal from GAC was NOT an offer from GSOC. Sexton's latest e-mail (see below) is NOT an agreement with GSOC, nor is it an offer to negotiate with GSOC. GSOC strikers will defiantly remain on strike!!! I repeat: this is a piece of blatant propaganda to fool the NYU community into thinking that striking GAs will return to work tomorrow. Students and faculty alike don't know the full truth because GSOC is unable to communicate with the entire NYU community via NYU E-Mail Direct. The "proposal" that the President refers to is absolutely substanceless; there are no specific terms to the agreement, yet it requires a committment on the part of the striking GAs to return to work. It offers no promise on the part of the university to negotiate with GAs. What little it does actually outline does not constitute collective bargaining. What it offers is what's called a "company union." In other words, it's a sham! There's no stipulation for outside arbitration; the university has final say over the terms of any potential agreement, the terms of which have yet to be specified. From: NYU President John Sexton and Provost David McLaughlin ( University Response to Graduate Affairs Committee Proposal We accept the proposal offered by Rodney Washington, chair of the Graduate Affairs Committee of the Student Senators Council/UCSL, and Brian Levine, chair of the graduate student voice subcommittee. The University is prepared to work with a group of graduate students in the manner proposed by Graduate Affairs Committee, including GAs who are also willing to accept the terms proposed by the committee. Accordingly, implementation of the steps outlined in the November 28 letter to graduate assistants will be delayed until Wednesday morning to give GSOC an opportunity to consider this proposal and to give GAs an opportunity to return to class, preferably as early as tomorrow. John Sexton, PresidentDavid McLaughlin, Provost