And here I thought Sexton et al. were doing the bidding of the Ivies (e.g., Yale, Columbia, Penn) by busting GSOC. Well if they are, they sure ain't gettin' any thanks from Columbia! From a recent Columbia Spectator article: University Provost Alan Brinkley would not specify what, if anything, Columbia would do in the event of a future GSEU strike, but noted, “It has never been our policy in the past [to do] what NYU is doing. ... I don’t anticipate that changing.”Pray tell, Alan Brinkley, what exactly is NYU doing? At first, I thought Brinkley was referring to the amount of recognition NYU has given the strike (even if only to deny it's having an effect). Columbia has been notorious for haughtily refusing to acknowledge its own striking grad students -- not even to dismiss them. But then I read the comment a few times over, and thought it also could be interpreted the other way -- that Columbia has never and presently would not threaten to sanction its students for striking. In other words, Columbia's trying to position itself as the "good cop" to NYU's "bad cop." Either way, it sounds like a thinly veiled criticism of NYU if I ever heard one! Click here to read the entire article, which also discusses the universities' historic tag-team effort to bust unions. Wait, I'm so confused! Isn't NYU opposed to collective bargaining? Not when it comes to Sexton and his Ivy cronies, it seems.