No Sweat: National Day of Conscience
GUEST: Charlie Kernigan, the National Labor Committee

Get Wal-Mart OUT of NYC
Demonstrate Against Wal-Mart Sweatshops
Thursday, December 15 @5PM
31ST ST. & 5th Ave (outside Wal-Mart offices)
For more information, call 212.242.3002

Tony Ford’s Wife Wants Justice

GUEST: Rachael Ford, wife of Tony Ford

Madame Funnypants Live-In Studio
GUEST: Negin Farsad and Alex Zalben, Comedian

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NYC Transit Strike
GUEST: Robert Baaswell, Director of the University Transit Research Center at CUNY and former head of the Chicago Transit Authority.

Guardian Reporter on US flights thru UK / Condi in EU
GUEST: GUEST: Richard Norton-Taylor, Journalist, The Guardian

ACLU Lawsuit Against CIA
Reporter: Mitch Jeserich, Wakeup Call's news editor
GUEST: German Citizen Khaled El-Masri, who was wrongfully jailed by the CIA in an Afghan detention camp for 6 months after being kidnapped in Macedonia

Alito’s Nomination and the National Organization of Women
Reporter: Mimi Rosenberg, host of WBAI'S In Brief
GUEST: Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization of Women

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New Subway Rules
GUEST: ,subway rider

Update on Mumia Abu-Jamal
GUEST: Suzane Ross, Co-Chair of the Save Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition
GUEST: Sundiata Sadiq, member of the Save Mumia Abu-Jamal Coaliton and was instrumental in persuading the NAACP in 2004 to adope a the stand to help save Mumia

Holiday Appeal for Class-War Prisoners
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
A Fundraiser with Live Music!
Friday, December 9 @ 6-11PM
Distict Council 1707, 14th Floor
75 Varick St NY NY
For more information, call 212.406.4252

Regional Roundup – Long Island
Reporter: Jim Krivo
GUEST: Liz Krolik, organizer with the Long Island Progressive Coalition

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