Reporting from Washington, D.C.

A modern day David arises---with a different kind of slingshot. On Tuesday,
December 6th, 2005, independent reporter Elijah Gatewood, has called on
the Latino and Black community to boycott the largest entertainment
and broadcast companies in the U.S.: HBO, A and E, NBC, Discovery
Channel, AMC, Fox TV, Universal and Twentieth Century Fox Film
Corporation. Why? They are all clients of ReganMedia, planners in
producing a movie or TV story based on the "cold feet bride of Georgia,
Jennifer Wilbanks. It was just this last spring that Ms. Wilbanks was
the Georgia native who refused to show up for her wedding, and
faked it, claiming that she was kidnapped by a Latino male. Wilbanks
later pled guilty to the crime of lying to police, and ordered to perform
community service. In a November 26th, 2005 correspondence to Erick
Gutierrez of D.C.'s Latino Economic Development Corporation, and
yesterday to The National Council of La Raza, the Council of Latino
Agencies and the Nation's capital Bureau of the NAACP, Gatewood
has cited the ReganMedia production as a "continuance of racism".

Outside of this Gatewood went on: "I read in the October 2005
issue of Ladies Home Journal that NBC correspondent Katie Couric
stated that one of her worries is that ' journalists have become too
soft on government officials. What's essential to a democracy is to be
able to challenge people in positions of power '. Yet, Gatewood
contends, it was Ms. Couric who interviewed the "cold feet bride" of
Georgia and her husband in June for TV programs Today and Dateline.
It was also reported by Inside TV magazine dislosing a ReganMedia
$500,000 deal with Wilbanks to make this movie. Katie Couric and
her bosses at NBC knew full well, or should have known, that
Wilbanks accused a Latino male for kidnapping her. As a jounrnalist,
Couric is carrying out policies of continued racism in America by the
U.S. Government".

Gatewood has proposed giving sixty days, starting December 23rd, 2005,
and ending as the deadline, February 23rd, 2005 to the clients of
ReganMedia to correct this matter by disallowing a film or TV story
that will further finance racism, and drop ReganMedia as a service
provider. When the issue does not resolve at that time, Gatewood
demands a permanent boycott of all products and services of the big