On Friday, December 9th, people all over the world will protest and demonstrate in defense of, and in solidarity with, Mehmet Tarhan. There are planned demonstrations in cities throughout Turkey, Germany, England, Poland, Italy, Serbia, Scotland, Holland, and the United States!

Help put pressure on the Turkish government to release Mehmet immediately and unconditionally! Join us on December 9th in New York City at the Turkish consulate to show solidarity with political prisoners overseas! Free Mehmet Tarhan!

When: December 9th 4:00pm -- 6:00pm
Where: Turkish Consulate (First Avenue & 46th Street)
Manhattan, New York

Bring instruments, flags, banners, and yourself!

If you can't make it to the demo, please call, fax, or e-mail the consulate and tell them to release Mehmet immediately and unconditionally!

(212) 949-0160 (phone)
(212) 983-1293 (fax)

Mehmet Tarhan is a queer anarchist total/conscientious objector who has been imprisoned in Turkey since April 2005 because of his rejection of military service in a country with mandatory conscription. He was sentanced to 4 years in prison in August for "insubordination...with the intent of evading military service" and has repeatedly suffered torture and brutality at the hands of guards as well as fellow prisoners.

For more information or how to get involved, please e-mail the Mehmet Tarhan Defense Network at  freemehmetnow@yahoo.com