Wikipedia commits suicide? "The online encyclopedia Wikipedia has been forced to change the way it operates after claims it had become a breeding ground for "false and malicious" information. After a week of blunders, the operators of the site - which allows anyone to write and edit articles - are banning anonymous users from creating new entries...In the long term, administrators plan to "lock down" articles that have achieved a recognisable level of accuracy." (The Guardian) The first part is very disturbing, but the latter is absolutely the death knell of the entire project, for reasons that are too obvious even to merit discussion. The concept of a free exchange of information collapses when the medium is controlled by a cadre of lawsuit-fearing administrators. Wikipedia seems to be giving in to criticism from a mass media afraid of the precedent it sets; in a capitalist society, information is a product that must be tightly regulated by the private sector. Anything that challenges this must be met with the utmost scorn.