Despite feeling a little proposal weary these days, here's the latest from graduate students in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese: SUBJECT: a proposal from some grad students to negotiate a thruce and have NYU and GSOC bargaining at the same table As graduate students at New York University who are interested in a peaceful and positive resolution to the current standoff between GSOC members and NYU administration which addresses the concerns of both parties, we propose the following: We propose that a new committee immediately be created to address all issues pertaining to graduate students at NYU, including, but not limited to, housing, workload, financial aid and scholarships, employment, and health care. We propose that this committee be given the task of creating policies to be implemented by NYU in a timely fashion. The committee will include graduate students, faculty, andadministrators, and its discussion will be moderated by a third party panel of arbiters. We propose that 11 of the representatives to the committee consist of one graduate student from each of the graduate schools elected by popular vote. We propose that the current Graduate Affairs Committee endorse an organic and democratic election for these student representatives. We propose that 2 of the representatives be student members of the GSOC bargaining committee in order to represent the specific interests of teaching, graduate, and research assistants. We propose that NYU administration designate no more than 3 deans or other administrators to the committee. We propose that the NYU faculty elect a faculty member to the committee, as policies which affect academic decision making will be discussed. We propose that the third party panel of arbiters be one graduate student, one faculty member, and one administrator who are in no way affiliated with NYU, but who are recognized for their work in graduate student affairs and institutions of higher learning. All members of the panel must be ratified by the committee and must be willing to serve as arbiters until the committee makes final recommendations. We propose that the third party panel have access to any and all information needed to ensure that a fair and just settlement is reached. Members of the panel must agree not to speak publicly about the meetings and not to disclose sensitive information learned therein. We propose that a bi-weekly statement from the committee be made available to the NYU community and that, periodically, the committee reserve time to hear from individual students, faculty, and administrators who are not on the committee, but wish to have a voice. We propose that President John Sexton agree to implement, in a timely fashion, any policies and/or agreements which the committee recommends. We propose that this process be publicly reviewed upon its completion and prior to any similar committee meetings in the future to ensure that conversations between students, faculty, and administration at NYU are respectful, efficient, and effective. We propose that, given the above, the NYU administration immediately withdraw all threats of reprisals against graduate students and that graduate students immediately return to fulfilling all teaching, research, and assistant responsibilities. Respectfully, the following graduate students, Ann M. Craig, Department of Spanish and PortuguesePia Leighton, Department of Spanish and PortugueseClaudia Salazar, Department of Spanish and PortugueseSmita Tripathi, Department of Spanish and PortugueseChris Van Ginhoven, Department of Spanish and PortugueseJ. B. Wolcott, Department of Spanish and Portuguese If Interested reply to Anne