Latest admin memo: December 8, 2005 TO: GSAS StudentsFROM: Catharine R. Stimpson, DeanRE: FAS Sense of the Meeting Resolution of 12/6/2005 Professors Glennys Farrar, Steven Lukes, Anthony Movshon, and Tim Reiss have asked me to circulate to all GSAS students the sense of the meeting resolution that was discussed at the Faculty of Arts and Science meeting on Monday, December 6, and passed by a vote of 129 in favor, 33 against, with 11 abstentions. “We, the FAS faculty, believe that the policies proposed by President Sexton and Provost McLaughlin which call for the withdrawal of the stipends of striking graduate students and the denial of their eligibility to teach are unwise and represent disproportionate penalties for participation in a labor dispute. The FAS faculty calls upon the administration to suspend these sanctions immediately, to provide a reasonable period for the parties to the dispute to seek a solution. We also call upon the striking graduate students simultaneously to suspend their strike while discussions proceed.”