Following up on a previous post about ridiculous comments made by the administration in regards to the union, I think this additional tid-bit takes the cake. In truth, it surpasses absurd and moves well into the realm of scary. From Lame Punk Slogan a few weeks ago: This anecdote comes from the minutes of yesterday’s meeting between NYU President John Sexton and Faculty Democracy, a group of pro-labor NYU faculty members. This particular exchange occurs between Sexton and Adam Green, a current professor of mine: "At some point, responding to our questions about reprisals [against striking students], Sexton said that he had recently taught “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” implicitly invoking this as an example of how one must be prepared to take the consequences of political action. Adam Green introduced himself, both as a recently tenured member of the faculty and as the son of Ernest S. Green, one of the group of nine students who integrated Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957. Adam asked Sexton to consider the ways he had implicitly aligned the administration with Bull Connor and the Birmingham authorities who jailed King." No response from Sexton is noted.I'd like to think that invoking MLK and the battle for desegregation was a rhetorical mistake on Sexton's part. Nonetheless, his statement here was and remains horrifically absurd.