Stern has actually been using the words “Rally” and “March.” Fans are flying in and prizes for great signs are being offered, etc, a huge, nuts, drinkin-in-the-morning event. So I’m going to attend, enjoy myself, watch the kops and try and keep things cool and school the new kids should anything go down. The tactic of kops trying to make protesting look scary so people won’t go hasn’t worked on us old-schoolers who are obviously still around. But protesting is popular these days, and if I were a kop, well, should these low-lifes get any pie-in-the-sky ideas like they wanna have some “free speech” too, and maybe even actually attempt to walk anywhere near The Stern, well, I might wanna have myself a little hay-day and get my jollies. Work out some holiday stress and all.

On a more positive note, ATTENTION FOLKS WITH WBAI HAND-OUTS. Wanna increase listener numbers? Please take advantage of this day and FLYER THIS EVENT…remember how big Critical Mass got by flyering? I honestly can’t think of a better way to reach out to these folks, MANY of whom are surprisingly already anti-war (Stern is) and anti-bush. MOST of them haven’t gotten their Sirius radios yet and won’t get them for a while (prices have to drop), so they’ll be surfing the dial in the mean time, for something new to listen to, starting literally that next Monday.

Their minds are open a little because of their open wounds of defeat. I’m sad too, been listening to this guy off and on for exactly 20 years now, fucker used to make me late for school. They’ve been burned by censorship just like Stern, because now he’s gone and they’re about to go thru Stern withdrawl. rEvolution is in the air, theirs a crack in the dam, FLOOD!

I got the info up top mostly just from listening these last couple of weeks, and a little from the web, like this excerpt from Orbitcast: “Reports that Yahoo! will be streaming live video of Howard Stern's final ceremonial walk have been confirmed true on Howard's show this morning. On Friday December 16th, Howard's last day of commercial-radio broadcasting, Stern will walk out of his building on 57th between 5th & 6th and greet his fans. He'll then pack up his stuff and walk up to Sirius Satellite Radio headquarters at the McGraw Hill building a few blocks away. Stern also said on-air that there may be a "surprise" for fans at the event. “ Didn’t find any March/Rally event posted on the Howard Stern website, not surprising…shit on paper is always so legally binding, remember to watch what you write, comrades.

Anywho I’m sick busy but if someone brings those little WBAI palmcards, they’re PERFECT, I’ll gladly hand lots out and I’m damn good at it.