Have you heard the good news??? Undergrad activists have successfully fought to ban Coke products on campus in protest of the bottler's horrendous labor and environmental abuses in Colombia and India. For more info on this watershed victory, check out NYU Inc.'s report. A hearty congrats to each and every undergrad who worked tenaciously on NYU's Killer Coke campaign! Excellent work. There will be a press conference at noon tomorrow -- Monday, Dec. 12 -- in front of Bobst to announce NYU's Coke boycott. City Councilmember Hiram Monserrate will speak, and his message to NYU will be, "Coke goes, GSOC stays!" Extending its support to end labor abuses and union busting abroad, NYU now needs to clean up its own anti-labor acitvities on campus. No more Coke, no more hypocrisy.