Reporting from Washington, D.C.

In spring 2004, Music executive Sean "P Diddy" Combs
organized Citizen Change, a non-profit organization
that set out to lure young people, 18 and over, in
registering to vote, and then vote in the 2004
elections. Combs boasted that it would be the largest
voter driver in U.S. hsitpry. Yet, sad to say, he
showed up at both the Democratic and Republican
Presidential Conventions that year. This confused
young people, when their so-called leaders at
Citizen Change did not make a clear stand for
which candidates to vote for. Obviously, it was a
money making deal to sell Citizen Change's shirts,
Vote Or Die! at thirty five dollars. First, I supported
the effort, which gave a positive impression, and the
Vote Or Die slogan was a necessary strong message.
I never bought the shirt, however, though one was
found on the street during last years campaign. Now
that I know the facts behind the game of Citizen
Change--money--Iam in the process of burning that
shirt. Sean "P Diddy" Combs, including Citizen Change,
disrespected the public, making a nonprofit effort out
to be something that it wasn't. And Reverend "James
Brown" Sharpton is no different. Running for President
just to raise issues.

At the present in the nation's capital, D.C. City Councilman
for Ward 7, Vincent Gray, is considering a run for
Chairman of the Council. But he was just re-elected to the
Council just last year, 2004 mind you, and this past summer
said in the Washington Post Newspaper that he "wouldn't
want to run for Chairman which would racially divide the
District". Nevertheless, Vincent Gray is the same man who
appeared in the January issue of the Washington
Infomer, 2004, opposing the recall erffort directed at D.C.
Mayor Anthony Williams. Just like Councilman Gray, I too
am a Black man, 40 years old to be exact.

At any rate, Most Blacks, and those feeling the negative policies
of the Mayor, supported that recall campaign. But in Vincent
Gray's world, he sent a message that, regardless of those
meaning us and doing us no good, we still need to stick to
together. I strongly disagree. Gray's attitude is the reason
why D.C. Public Schools, libraries, innercity neighborhoods, and
return of slavery in America, is the main cause of trouble in
Washington, D.C.

D.C. City Councilman Vincent Gray has the same mentaility as
Sean "P Diddy" Combs, and Reverend Al 'James Brown'
Sharpton: All about money.