Not Rain or Snow (or cops) will stop Brooklyn Critical Mass!

It's 7pm on the second friday of the month and bikers are starting to gather in GAP and over in Williamsburg.

Several Mannhattanites braved the slick ice covered bridges to join in the fun. By 730pm the riders from GAP decided to hit the road, the cops who usually accompany the ride deciding to bail since there was only 8 riders.

The group took off into the Fort Greene area cruising Myrtle and eventually meeting the other group @ Bedford and Flushing.

The Williamsburg posse waited at the bottom of the Bridge, hoping to see some spectacular sliding from riders still coming over the bridge. The group cruised Williamsburg for a bit, forcing cars to slow down on the slick roads. A couple of wipeouts and some bikeboarding on the side burms of snow resulted in a slow & fun ride. The track & road bikes were inching along chatting, laughing & flirting while the choppers and mountain bikes were racing skidding and sliding about in the piles of snow. There was a solid posse with people reporting in from all over the city, the borough, the country and the world. Riders from SF & Sweden came out to join the in all the Brooklyn fun.

On the year anniversary of the 2nd hook-up for BK CM starting, it seemed like a good omen of great rides to come with the Williamsburg posse reporting in with over 15 riders---and for the first time beating the GAP #s. (Due to the fact the BK is so big and it is nearly impossible for some people to make it up to Prospect Park by 7ish, there has been a 2nd meeting spot closer to the city for a year. The two rides "find" each other during the ride, usually in pretty fun drive-by scenario)

The ride took off willy nilly down roads as riders looked for someone to lead. Unfortunately, we couldn't find our leader! (AH!) But we did pick up some random riders who were happy to find some company on the road. The ride made turns in Fort Greene & Williamsburg. After an hour in the cold, some toes were frozen. The ride ended in McCarren Park, with riders going to devour a giant Rain Forest Cake at a loft party in Williamsburg.