Following up in derelict daughter's previous post, which reported that NYU Mail Services employees were forbidden to honk in solidarity as they drove past the GSOC picket line, it has come to our attention that NYU security guards have been warned not to acknowledge striking GSOC members on campus grounds. That means, no hellos, no waving, no smiles, and for goodness sakes, no thumbs up! This upsets me greatly, for 2 main reasons: 1) NYU security guards are union members themselves. By and large, they support our cause. A sense of solidarity runs deep among union members, across unions. This order essentially forbids security guards from expressing their politics, and their personal opinions, while on duty. Workers are people too, you know, which brings me to my second point... 2) NYU security guards are our friends. Students and guards alike spend the majority of our waking hours on campus. We pass each other every day, often numerous times throughout the day. As a result, many of us have developed meaningful friendships with one another. How can you honestly forbid people, on duty or off, from acknowledging their friends and neighbors? This order flies in the face of civility, and stamps out any semblance of community left at NYU. President Sexton is dismantling community brick by brick, and he's finally down to the foundation. How much further will he go?