Zinn Youth Reading
READER: Sindy German, Westside High School student, reading Vito Russo, “Why We Fight”

Sports Commentary with Dave Zirin
GUEST: Dave Zirin, author of What’s My Name Fool, Sports and Resistance in the United States, and a weekly column at www.edgeofsports.com

Skull Snaps and Pazant Brothers Live-In Studio
GUEST: Eric Pomeroy, CEO of TEN12 records
GUEST: Sam Culley, Musician with the Diplomats and the Skullsnaps
GUEST: Ed Pazant, Musician with the Pazant Brothers
GUEST: Al Pazant, Musician, the other Pazant in the Pazant Brothers

Skull Snaps 1ST Show in Over 30 Years!!
Ten12 Records Presents
Skull Snaps featuring the Pazant Brothers
Friday, December 9 @ 9PM
Manhattan's Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St NY NY 10013
For more information, click here

Military Recruiters in Schools
Reporter: Syed Mohsin, Radio Rootz & Manhattan Comprehensive Student

WUC Holiday Party – Why Youth Radio is Important to WBAI
Special Guest: Bernard White, WBAI's Station Manager

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6th Round of Negotiations between Darfur’s Rebels and the Sudanese Government
GUEST: Rebecca Dale, with the International Refugee Center, Sudan

Iraq Kidnappings
GUEST: David Enders, Pacifica Journalist

Acquittal of Sami al-Arian
GUEST: Lailani al-Arian

New Book on 9/11 Commission Hearings
GUEST: James Ridgeway, author of The Five Unanswered Questions About 9/11 and Washington correspondent for the Village Voice

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Catholic Workers Marching in Guantanamo
Reporter: Leigh Ann Caldwell, Wake Up Call Producer
GUEST: Art Laffin, of the Catholic Workers House

Venezuela Oil
GUEST: Sandra Ruiz Butter, President of VIP Community Services, housing corporation that is part of the oil deal

Regional Roundup - NJ
Reporter: Ruth Neustader
GUEST: Rick Engler, Director of the NJ Work Environment Council

John Murtha Responds to the Bush Speech
CLIP: Bush's Speech on Iraq
CLIP: John Murtha's Response

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