8AM HOUR Zinn Youth Reading READER: Mario Perez, Westside High School Student, reading David Walker's Appeal Congressional Week Overview GUEST: Mitch Jeserich, Wake Up Call's news editor and Free Speech Radio News Capitol Hill Correspondent Tookie Williams Speaks to WUC GUEST: Barbara Becnel, a journalist, co-author with Tookie Williams of My Life in Prison, editor of his books and a longtime advocate in his case.GUEST: Tookie Williams, San Quentin inmate, ex co-founder of the Crips street gang, 2001 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Remembering Richard Pryor CLIPS of Richard Pryor Remembering Eugene McCarthy Reading of Eugene McCarthy poem Audio coming soon! 7AM HOUR Envioinmental Activists Arrested GUEST: Martin Stoler, lawyer for Daniel McGowan and head of the New York Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild Climate Change Conference GUEST: Chris Miller, Greenpeace USA WUC Crew Directly From Haiti GUEST: Deepa Fernandes, host of WBAI Wakeup CAllGUEST: Errol Maitland, WBAI's Wakeup Call engineer and senior producerGUEST: Saki Hall, Radio Rootz Audio coming soon!