Today at Infoshop News - December 12, 2005

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Noam Chomsky and the triumph of anarchism

FBI Mad at "Militant Librarians"

UFPJ Rejects Future Work with ANSWER

Oread Daily: Witch Hunt in Kansas

D12 Toledo Anti-Nazi Media Clips – Arrested Activists Speak Out Against 1st Amendment Violations

Italy government tries to end anti-train protests

Photos: 50,000 Protest Construction of High Speed Train

U.S. a source of world frustration on warming

Rendition Unto Caesar

Kansas leaning further to right

New Orleanians march for action

Maine relief worker killed in bus accident in New Orleans

Hong Kong On High Alert As Thousands Of Protesters Fly In

Explosion rocks central Athens

What's New on the Web?

People's Free Space
Community space in Portland, Maine.

Wikipedia Watch

The American Anarchist
Another anarchist blog.

Coming Soon at Infoshop News

* Interview with Jon Bekken, journalism professor and editor of the
Industrial Worker.
* Interview with South Dakota anarchists at the recent Great Plains
Anarchist Network Conference, which they hosted in Vermillion, South Dakota.

Coming Soon at Infoshop

* Carlos Latuff Archive
A comprehensive archive of the works of the Brazilian political cartoonist
* New home page design!

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