Hostos College activist Miguel Malo received a sentence of ten days community service and three years probation following his conviction on reckless assault and disorderly conduct charges stemming from a May 2001 protest at the CUNY school. Malo received no jail time.

According to Jan Norten of the group CUNY Action To Defend Miguel Malo, more than sixty Malo supporters packed the small sentencing room and more than thirty were forced to wait outside. There were a dozen armed officers inside the courtroom and five outside; "it was quite a display," Norten said.

During the hearing, the sentencing judge stated that while she had been originally inclined towards incarceration, the more than one hundred letters in support of Malo received by the court, as well as a 1300 signature petition, affected her ultimate decision. The three- year probation sentence is the legal minimum Malo could receive.

After the hearing, Malo supporters held a press conference outside the courtroom.