Daniel's lawyer was able to get in to see him in the Manhattan
detention center where he is currently being held. From this meeting
we have received a few quotes from Daniel concerning his support and
what he would like to see from those concerned. His family has also
taken significant steps to address the situation in which he
unfortunately finds himself.

Firstly, it should be said that his family is taking care of all legal
costs and is intent on securing the best defense team with the most
qualified people. Fundraisers, solidarity actions and statements,
etc. are at this time discouraged. We are pretty sure that Daniel was
indicted alone and has no codefendants, so his being tried as an
individual is key. His charges are very serious, so patient quietude
is really necessary at this stage until things become clear. At this
moment, there are no dates, no timelines. Please keep in mind that he
has not been arraigned yet, and will not be so until after he has been
transferred to Oregon. No public statements or actions, no matter how
well-intentioned, can help him at this stage, especially since he is
maintaining his innocence and the prosecution is searching for ways to
bogusly link him to a larger conspiratorial movement. Daniel said to
his lawyer that he wants people to be "conservative." His family has
suggested that those who want to fundraise do so for others who were
arrested if they so desire, since they may be more in need.

What Daniel really could use at this moment is the knowledge that
people are out here for him. We are encouraging people to write him
supportive letters to keep his spirits up as he struggles to adapt to
his new daily existence while he waits for his trial. These first few
weeks are the hardest. Currently he can be written to at the
following address:

Daniel McGowan #63794-053
Unit ZA
Metropolitan Correctional Center of New York
150 Park Row
NY, NY 10007

When we learn of an Oregon address, we will post it. When writing,
please refer to him only by his legal name, Daniel McGowan, and not
any nicknames by which you may know him. Also extend this to your
social lives and correct those around you who may slip up or not know
any better. All the other guidelines apply for when writing a
political prisoner. For good examples of these guidelines, please
refer to  http://www.anarchistblackcross.org/support/writing.html

As frustrating as it may be, the only thing we can do at this time to
support Daniel is to write him. We have no information on commissary
and visitations are not allowed, not even from family. His family, as
has been mentioned before, is very supportive, but beyond that, they
have a legal strategy so lucid and advanced that we would be fools not
to honor Daniel's request to be behind them 100%.

Finally, there is a new listserve that is taking the place of the
yahoo group. If you are already on the yahoo group, no action is
required from you; we will switch you over. The address for the new
group is  http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/supportdaniel_announce .
The yahoo group was set up for immediacy's sake and now that the
riseup lists have been approved, we are changing hosts so that people
don't have to register a new account just to join the listserve.
Thank you for understanding.

Thank you all, once again, for all your support and kind words,

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan