The World Can’t Wait--Drive Out the Bush Regime

December 13, 2005

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O’Reilly Factor Takes Aim at New York Times Ad
Calling for Bush to Step Down

Monday night’s top story on “The O’Reilly Factor” was the organization The World Can’t Wait--Drive Out the Bush Regime, which published its Call as a full-page ad in the New York Times that day. Bill O’Reilly’s guests were extreme rightwing point man, David Horowitz, and NY State Senator Tom Duane, a signer of the World Can’t Wait ad.

Duane took a serious approach, repeatedly pointing to the content of World Can’t Wait Call, such as the fact that the Bush regime is waging an illegal war in Iraq based on claims of WMDs which never materialized, and that the torture and mistreatment of prisoners is now being openly conducted by the US government (a policy O’Reilly acknowledged and upheld: “The [Bush government] believe[s] that coercive, coerced interrogations can save us.”)

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O’Reilly and Horowitz charged that groups like World Can’t Wait threaten the free speech of right wing extremists like themselves; then O’Reilly attacked the New York Times for running World Can’t Wait’s paid ad, calling for new “standards for advertising.” No mention was made of Horowitz’s own long career of threatening and harassing college professors and students who exercise their first amendment rights and criticize U.S. government.

O’Reilly was particularly incensed that The World Can’t Wait would compare Bush to Hitler, claiming any such comparison was “hate speech,” but then proceeded to compare the ad’s organizers with Nazi Brownshirts. A World Can’t Wait spokesperson, Sunsara Taylor, defended, saying, “The Bush regime is openly torturing people, rounding people up and holding them without lawyers, moving to deny women’s right to abortion, attacking science. All this, together with the kind of atmosphere being whipped up by O’Reilly that seeks to equate political opposition with terrorism only reinforces the real similarities between today and the period when the Nazis rose to power in Germany.”

The World Can’t Wait Call’s list of thousands of signers includes Gore Vidal, Harold Pinter, Cindy Sheehan, Kurt Vonnegut, Jonathan Kozol, Jane Fonda, and Cornel West. The ad, headlined “Bush Step Down,” calls for a nationwide action intended to “drown out” Bush’s State of the Union address in late January. This will consist of local actions as well as a national demonstration in Washington D.C. on the Saturday following the State of the Union Address.